Noell Clark’s first yoga teacher wore a spandex unitard. She was two-dimensional and taught yoga between the covers of a cheap book called “ Yoga”. Noell’s therapist had given her the book in 2002 and suggested yoga as a possible cure for some of the discomfort she’d been experiencing due to addiction withdrawals. At the time Noell was an addict in the early stages of her recovery. Through yoga, meditation, counseling and attending support groups she would recover. This cheap little book would be a catalyst for her metamorphosis.
Noell didn’t actually want to do yoga. Yoga was weird. Yoga was New Age mumbo-jumbo. Despite all of her misgivings, Noell did yoga. In her bedroom. Mimicking photos of her two-dimensional, Jane Fonda-looking yoga guru in various asanas. And it changed her life forever.
Eventually finding her way into a studio, Noell began practicing yoga with actual, bona fide, three-dimensional yoga teachers. After four years of committed practice and continued personal transformation, she decided that it was time to share with others the gifts of yoga. In 2006 Noell became a certified yoga teacher.
Noell Clark began her teaching career working with survivors of human trafficking and domestic violence in the New York metropolitan area.
Noell recognized that yoga had indeed helped her heal from trauma. With no formal training in trauma informed yoga or somatic therapy, she offered simple movement and breath teachings to the women in the shelters and saw these women change – they had less anxiety, they slept better, they had the ability to remain calm under the enormous stress of homelessness, court proceedings, and a life of uncertainty. Through her involvement in addiction recovery and work in the shelters, Noell realized how all prevailing trauma, depression, anxiety and addiction were in the world around her. They were the human condition. She continued to work with special populations, but also moved into teaching public classes. She wanted to have greater impact.
Noell has been teaching yoga publicly, privately, and to corporate clients for the last decade. She has led teacher trainings since 2012, in addition to workshops and retreats.  Noell is the yoga teacher for the San Francisco 49ers. She is also a lead trainer for the Joy of Yoga 200 and 300 Hour Teacher Training programs at Breathe Together Yoga. Her classes focus on anatomy, biomechanics, healthy movement patterns, breath work and meditation.